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Ludum Dare 40 Compo Game.

A weird 2.75D first person combat game wherein you must fight eldritch demons in a variety of desolate hellscapes. Claw your life from the hands of these beasts, all the while learning their darkest secrets and gaining their incomprehensible strength - but beware the effects on your fickle human mental state!

Its mostly really stupid though, so don’t even worry about all that. It may even give you a chuckle or two I hope! Also any bugs are because your character is going mad and its actually really good lore and fits the theme because the stuff you’ve learned mangles your head up. Honest.

I think the game turned out pretty good considering my talents, but is still missing a hefty amount of features that could make it my magnum opus/a mediocre game, such as some insanity-based game modifiers or any sort of loss state (for now you can only feel a bit of shame when the eye in the corner disappears). I shall continue working on it and hopefully make it good at some point.


Too many Cthulhus 23 MB
Too many Cthulhus Unity Project 72 MB

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