Ludum Dare 40 Compo Game.

A weird 2.75D first person combat game wherein you must fight eldritch demons in a variety of desolate hellscapes. Claw your life from the hands of these beasts, all the while learning their darkest secrets and gaining their incomprehensible strength - but beware the effects on your ever fickle human mental state!

Can you beat the world record and be crowned lord of the abyss? (1081 Cthulu knowledge, by talanted developer BudgieM2)

P.S: Any bugs are because your character is going mad and its actually really good lore and fits the theme because the stuff you’ve learned mangles your head up and that.

I think this game turned out pretty good considering my talents, but is still missing a hefty amount of features that could make it my magnum opus/a truly mediocre game, such as some insanity-based game modifiers.


Too many Cthulhus Ludum Dare Version 23 MB
Too many Cthulhus LD Unity Project 72 MB
New 21 MB


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